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his full name is Dante Alighieri ( his date of birth is betweeen. 18th May and 17th June 1265 in Florence/Italy He died 14th Sept. 1321 in Ravenna/Italy) . He is the italian Shakespeare, hes studied philosophy ans theology and he participatewd actively in politics from 1289 on. 1302 he was banned and two years later sentenced to death. He partly wrote also in latin. his nataive language was florentine, which is a form of italian which is closer to latin than any other roman language. In the work Vita Nova (1293) he wrote about the love to Beatrice. he wrote also allegorical poem with contexts fullof wisdom. His mainwork is the Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy, which he wrote and fulfiled in the year of his death 1307. He discribes inferno, purgatory and the paradiese. the text consists of 100 Songs whixh consitst together of 40.000 Verses (A Song is a literaric category in italian lyrics) Dante had also created manuscripts.

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