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As the precursor of the HAMAS movement, the MuslimBrotherhood in Gaza promoted the long-term strategy of creating the foundations of a Muslim state that would eventually become powerful enough to destroy Israel. According to the doctrines of the Brotherhood, part of the process in bringing about the ideal pan-Islamic state includes the spiritual phenomenon of an »Islamic reawakening« throughout the entire Muslim world. Only subsequent to the »Islamic reawakening« and the re-establishment of Islamic political power as the Caliphate could the destruction of the Jewish state begin as a divinely-sanctioned war between Islamic forces and those of Israel. In other words, holy war later.

Taking this position one step further, HAMAS' spiritual leader Sheik Ahmad Yasin formulated the concept that 'Palestine' should become the central battlefield for the creation of a nationalist Islamic state. In other words, holy war now.

For HAMAS, the question of Israel's eventual eradication is central and absolute. HAMAS differs in view from the MuslimBrotherhood in asserting that the establishment of an Islamic state in 'Palestine' will serve as the tool for achieving their ultimate goal of creating a pan-Islamic state across the Middle East.

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