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on Sep 21st 2005, 15:50:49, Alex K wrote the following about


The National Security Agency is the most interesting and best informed organisation of the world..they have the best men for every field of sciene you can find.they have informations about the alien (ufo) projects and about everything thats going wrong on earth i guess they are in fact the »worlds spy« they are all over the world and no one (i really mean no one) would recocnize them if you see them on the streets...damn there is so much i could write about...for example they have mathematics for solving problems, other people not even think about because their horzon is not wide enough... i guess they know everything about september 11th the best ;) i don't believe in any conspiracy theories because it's rediculous (but i guess what is rediculous and what not has been SET BY THEM) i mean i travelled enough around the world with my 18 years...I almost signed up @ the french foreign legion... hehe luckily i found out that i shouldn't waste my talent of languages ( i grew up TRILINGUAL) and i speak as well german as i speak french and finnish(haha can u do it?)... sorry for my arogance but i will go to a speech college to vermont after school here in germany and study languages in order to get a job @ CIA (YES,I know what i have top be able to do if i wanna go there)
Anyways sorry for that, the NSA is »allknowing« which would describe them the best..another good description would be »If you think about the NSA they already know that u are doing it «


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