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phuture303+1 about 1st

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wire about 1st

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agnes wrote on Apr 30th 2004, 14:56:54 about


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1st place ribbons at the County Fair!

Josef wrote on May 5th 2000, 01:08:31 about


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Anyone remember this rhyme (sort of) from early childhood? In my elementary school, it was often invoked when we were forced to line up for whatever reason. It was most likely created by a clever child who was often stuck in second place.

1st the worst
2nd the best
3rd the dirty princess <-? (I believe this was it. I remember it was seen as a bad thing, somehow even worse than »the worst«. It may have also been »3rd the turd«, but I don't think so)

Alvar wrote on Mar 28th 2000, 04:54:00 about


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This is the first text for the first keyword in the english version of the Assoziations-Blaster Mk II

Peridot wrote on Sep 9th 2000, 06:07:12 about


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the first is the one you don't have a picture of. just a newspaper clipping of the side of his head and a sample of his cologne

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