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Violet Goldfinch wrote on Jul 19th 2001, 21:31:36 about


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The state capital of New Jersey is Trenton.

The state motto of New Jersey is »Liberty and Prosperity«.

Violet Goldfinch wrote on Jul 19th 2001, 21:34:13 about


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10 largest cities (2000)1: Newark, 273,546; Jersey City, 240,055; Paterson, 149,222; Elizabeth, 120,568; Edison township, 97,687; Woodship township, 97,203; Dover township, 89,706; Hamilton township, 87,109; Trenton, 85,403; Camden, 79,904

Violet Goldfinch wrote on Jul 19th 2001, 21:32:51 about


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The Channel Isle of Jersey gave its name to the state of New Jersey.

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