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Emma Example about drunk

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Bert wrote on Feb 23rd 2002, 10:06:22 about


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It feels good to be drunk, if just for a while, but drunk, fat, stupid and hungover is no way to face life. I tried.

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 6th 2001, 17:37:54 about


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Drowning our sorrows in drink – if only I could find a convenient river flowing with red wine...

Jim wrote on Dec 20th 2002, 00:19:07 about


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the condition of being intoxicated by alchohol

maren wrote on May 26th 2003, 16:33:54 about


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you can be drunk of many things. i'm sure Shakespeare mentioned being drunk with love. i also enjoy being drunk with cocktails.

no_id wrote on Sep 23rd 2001, 16:10:43 about


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it's good to be drunk if you're a wise customer.

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