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Groggy groove wrote on Apr 13th 2000, 10:16:17 about


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I think there are many reasons for our flight away from facing death calmly. One of the most important facts is that dying nowadays is more gruesome in many ways, namely, more lonely, mechanical, and dehumanized. When a patient is severely ill, he is often treated like a person with no right to an opinion. It is often someone else who makes the decision if and when and where a patient should be hospitalized. It would take so little to remember that the sick person too has feelings, has wishes and opinions, and has – most important of all – the right to be heard.

e e wrote on Sep 10th 2000, 22:03:20 about


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sick of asking, thinking, interesting, but really sick of being lonely. And sick of having to stop what I am so interested in, what I'm thinking, stop being lonely and go to the bathroom. I ask no one why but I am still sick of asking.

Liamara wrote on Apr 9th 2000, 01:11:40 about


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»Being an art of self-training both body and mind as well as sending forth external qi (waiqi), qigong, created by the Chinese people in the long process of life, labour and fight against diseases and senium, has the functions of preventing and curing deseases, protecting and strengthening health and prolonging life. It is one of the gems in the treasure-house of China's cultural heritage as well as a component part of traditional Chinese medicine.«

From »Chinese Qigong, A practical English-Chinese Library of traditional Chinese Medicine«

wigbomb wrote on Oct 26th 2001, 22:19:38 about


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He got real sick, Blame did, died of the nonsense finally. Doc sad cancer of the trigger-finger.

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