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on Jan 26th 2003, 01:28:58, Li Ach wrote the following about


Why do you disturb me with your questions ?
Now it´s the second time I try to get in this blaster and every question you ask me, will change the things I want to write.
First word I was interested in was »natural«. I was astonished not to find any reaction in the blaster. The answer was »naturgeil«. I refused.
I tried with another german word »bewegung« – movement. I could read a sentence and was asked to give a statement about the goudness or badness of this sentence. I had no idea. What a studpid question ! So I refused.
Now and maybe my whole life I´m thinking about the phenomena »mother«. Today I read about Artaud´s idea of a manifesto against the mother.
The surrealists didn´t want wo write such a thing.
Would be interesting to know whether such a manifest exists or not – meanwhile.

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