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on Feb 11th 2006, 21:34:49, Joey wrote the following about


I think it's a smart and natural thing to accept that females are supperior to males. My views are,

All females be granted above equal rights and privileges are handed to females first.
Females should automatically receive higher pay.
All office jobs be reseve for female employees.
all labor workers[male] should be supervised by a female in charge.
Females running the govenment[all offices]
When females come with in a certain distance measure of a male or males in public,the female must be greeted or acknowledge respectivefully.
All young females be taught in school or home that they are above and superior to all males.
All females should be taught and understand the make up of males physically and emotionally[including sexual anatomy].
Males should be commomly should be allowed to be partial or uncloth in society when in the presence of females.It is my elef that it is upolite to hide or shield anything from the eyes of a female.
All males should oblidge or obey any requst or commands a female gives anywhere, any place, anytime, unless it is not just, uncalled for, or unappropiate, or miss-use ect..in this case females will have the knowldge of what they are allow to command.

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