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sara the mac wrote on Apr 14th 2000, 08:30:31 about


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hammer and nails. hammer and tongs. armand hammer arm & hammer baking soda, a wonder-product if ever there was. mix it wth a little salt and brush your teeth with it. set an open box of it in a funky refrigerator and w/in 24 hours, no more stink.

claw hammer. ball-peen hammer. sledge hammer. clawhammer is a banjo picking style.

this 9 pound hammer, it's a little too heavy
for my size, lord for my size.

and that's it for me tonight, where hammers are concerned.

Groggy groove wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 00:13:34 about


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John Henry said to his captain, "A man ain´t nothing but a man.
And before I let your steam drill beat me down
Die with a hammer in my hand."

When John Henry was a little boy he sit down his father´s knee,
He pointed his hand at a piece of steel,
Said, "That gonna be the death of me, Lord, Lord, Lord!
That gonna be the death of me."

John Henry hammered in the mountain ´til the head of his hammer catched afire.
Cryin´ "Pick ´em up boys and let ´em down again,
One cool drink of water ´fore I die, die,
One cool drink of water ´fore I die."


dyl wrote on Oct 15th 2000, 22:31:55 about


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Mr,Peters was in the dock. His neighbour, Mr.Davies, was part of
the jury.
»is it not true,« began the prosecution,"that on the night
in question, you took a hammer from your shed and employed
it as a weapon to injure your wife?"
Before the accused could answer, there came a shout
from his neighbour in the jury-
»you swine!«
»Please, sir: contain yourself« retorted the judge, "show some
respect for the court"
Mr.Davies serttled and the case proceeded.
»Is it not also true,« continued the prosecution, "that
the hammer involved caused severe..."
»You complete bastardThe eruption came from Mr.Davies
I implore you, sir, to adopt a manner befitting this court»«
the judge interjected, "I realise that this case has strong
emotional implications for any of us ,however ,please contain yourself
and hear the evidence through before making a judgement
on any of the parties involved"
»I'm sorry, your honour.« replied Mr.Davies,settling.
The prosecution went on:"The injuries caused by the hammer
»I'ii kill you!« cried Mr.Davies, pointing at the defendant
»That is the last straw!« cried the judgewhat have you to say in your defence for upsetting the harmony of this court
»Well, your honour,« said Mr.Davies,"I'm sorry, but I
asked the defendant three times last year if I could
borrow a hammer, and he told me he didn't have one!"

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