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Groggy groove about men
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Cindy about men
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Cindi about men

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sonny about men

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carolyn stewart about men

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bconstan wrote on Dec 8th 2002, 22:13:39 about


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Men are good for two things, and one is killing spiders.

Kaaren Boullosa wrote on May 1st 2000, 20:33:36 about


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Does seem that way sometimes, but it's up to a woman to learn to distinguish between the men who do waster your time and the men who add to your understanding and experience of life, and who have something to offer. Rare creatures, true, but they are out there.

Runyon wrote on May 27th 2002, 21:24:44 about


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Men are taught entirely too much to elevate themselves above the rest of the population in terms of »I know something you don't, so nanny nanny boo boo.«

alistair duncan wrote on Jul 25th 2001, 19:26:43 about


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Men are terrible and tragic things, mute and furious; utterly without the capacity to respond to the fact with anything but fury.

Of course, they also have wonderful thighs.

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