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nitehawk about speed
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big.boy about speed
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on Oct 8th 2005, 00:36:23 wrote
Le Nigger about speed

on Nov 19th 2006, 02:03:39 wrote
big.boy about speed

on Oct 8th 2005, 00:42:39 wrote
Le Nigger about speed

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nevermind wrote on Jul 15th 2000, 14:39:28 about


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more speed

Vlodovitch Chisel wrote on Mar 6th 2003, 13:35:21 about


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speed = (distance travelled)/(time taken)

Josef wrote on May 4th 2000, 05:01:21 about


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I feel the need- the need for... a diet coke.

No wait, I hate coke, and diet pop has that horrible carcinogenic crap in it. Well, how about...

I feel the need- the need for a meaningful relationship.

Actually I've had a couple of those already, and right now I'm looking more for happy and mindless adventures through space and time.

I feel the need to continue my existance until further notice.

Gillabug wrote on Jan 6th 2005, 16:48:13 about


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Speed is like taking a dozen transatlantic flights without ever getting off the plane. Timechange. You lose, you gain. Makes no difference so long as you keep taking the pills.

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