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on Apr 8th 2001, 14:35:45, akronym wrote the following about


A-Bombs might be the most wonderful and extreme invention of mankind. It represents ultimate destruction and death, and still its so simple and small. But it took mankind thousands of years of unterstanding nature, to utilize this very simple concept of nuclear-energy, present everywhere in nature, and build an ultimate destruction »machine«. An A-Bomb is the most powerful thing ever created by mankind. Nothing withstands the Power of an A-Bomb explosion. Not even a single Atom itsself.

Although the basic principle of an A-Bomb is so simple, it took much time and research and knowledge, to let mankind utilize it. The A-Bomb made the first step into a new era of mankind. The power of mankind over nature got a new dimension. Never before a single human being controlled so much energy, by pushing a button (for example).

The A-Bomb represents killing itself. It is the best example, of mankinds drive to end the lifes of other members of its own race. So much effort and research and money and time, only invested for reaching the highest rate of destruction available . Its killing on a very abstract level. on the most abstract level, mankind has reached so far. it started with the bare hands, went on with »tools« to use human force effectivly to kill, such as knifes/swords/bows, then gunpowder to utilize »superhuman« energy, such as chemical energy to reach even higher rates of destruction, up to the mass-desctruction-weapons, A-B-C weapons. and soon E-Weapons (electronical warfare). Life became so abstract, that only abstract concepts of destruction reach the highest effectivity. Science makes us not wiser, it makes us more powerful, and makes our mistakes and their consequences more powerful. No matter how abstract a life we lead, the very basic concept of killing another human being will be present, at the same degree of abstraction...
We reached a very historical point in the uprising of mankind. in our drive to kill others we developed the potential to kill all living on earth itself. and all that potential can be laid into the hands of one single being.

all this is the reason why the A-Bomb is the assosiation for the selfdestructing-drive of mankind, or maybe of all intelligence out there?

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