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Emma Example about index

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Emma Example about index

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Jefe wrote on Nov 28th 2004, 02:42:25 about


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Remember that anything you write will be indexed by search engines and eventually draw new users to the Assoziations-Blaster. You will attract just that type of people your writing appeals to.

Heiko wrote on Sep 28th 2001, 13:20:38 about


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The texts, structures, index systems, Meta information, linkage structures between the texts just like a majority of the sozialen software. are appropriate for SOURCE as open. in the network ready: and wait for it, read, criticized, continued to write, applied, transferred. to become. Above all surely it would be missed, these usages of texts as INTERFACES for cultural, social and economic data streams, exchange processes and communication ways already for a utopian implementation of the dreams and concepts of open works of art to hold for one, implementation of aesthetic utopias – however they surely placed moments of the opening, by which through text revolutions and utopias of the most diverse artistic and social movements get new drives and application fields – and new models and structures outside of purely aesthetic or literary contexts to be practiced can. By such synergies processes, which perhaps take their start as text text-Kollaboration in the network, do not exert again influence on the Gestaltung. of social fields (virtual work, virtual cash, virtual science, direct democracy...).... the texts in the network are never closed, find a definite end, no point of conclusion like this text...

Boogadiboo wrote on Oct 7th 2004, 00:14:21 about


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index is second to none when it comes to cleaning indows.

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